All State/All America Nomination Form

The USC will again sponsor a Large School and Small School All State team this year.
Please complete the nomination form below.

In order to be a candidate, a player must:

Be selected 1st Team All League
Be nominated to the All-State Team by your league
Have a coach who is a member of the USC

Return to:
Matt Hill                                                                                Phone: 1-607-368-3175
7029 Fairway Drive                                                              Email:
Bath, NY 14810

Return by: October 25, 2021

All America Nomination Form : Secondary School, Boy’s

DIRECTIONS: This is the way the player’s name, school, and team will appear on the Certificate. This form must be typed, neat, and accurate.


Player’s First Name ___________________ Middle__________________ Last ___________________
Complete School Name _________________________________________________________________
School Location: City______________________________ State _______________
Player’s Position (G/D/M/F) ______________ Grade Level in School _________ (9, 10, 11, or 12)
Previous Appearances as an All-American (1, 2 or 3) ________



Street ____________________________________________ City ______________ State _____ Zip ______
Phone (________) _______-_______________
Email: _________________________________



Coaches’ First Name: ______________________                Coaches’ Last Name: _______________________
USC Membership Number: ______________                       USC Region: __________________________                        

Coaches School Address:                                                       Coaches Home Address:
Street: ________________________________                     Street: ________________________________
City: ________________________________                       City: ________________________________
: _________________ Zip: ___________                     State: _________________ Zip: ___________           
Phone: (_______)-_______-___________                             Phone: (_______)-_______-___________
Fax:    (_______)-_______-___________