1. The Section V Boys' Soccer Handbook is posted on the Boys' Soccer Website:
Click on the Section V Patch on the lower left of the home page. 


2. The Athletic Director of a school hosting a sectional contest is to make provisions for the following:

            A. Benches for players.

            B. Table and chairs for score keepers and timer.

C. Spectators must be confined to areas at least 10 feet from the touchline and goal line.  No one will be permitted directly behind the goal unless seated in the bleachers.

            D. Clear markings on the field.

            E. Corner flags placed securely in place.

            F. Goal nets tight and secure.

            G. Admission is charged for all games.




3. A voucher should be completed by the school to cover the cost of the game supervision.  Section V will pay only supervision costs for schools that play home games.


 4. All REFEREE VOUCHERS should be done ONLINE!!!



5. All GAME RECEIPTS, UNUSED TICKETS and SUPERVISION VOUCHERS should be given to the Section V representative at the site or be sent immediately to:

                                                                        Jackie Meyer

                                                                        131 Drumlin Court

                                                                        Maple Building

                                                                        Newark, NY 14513                


6. Make sure a copy of the handbook is available at each sectional game your school hosts.