Please return this form along with a team roster

to your League Coordinator by Wednesday, Oct 14th


Read the handbook section on FIELD ASSIGNMENT FOR SECTIONAL CONTESTS  before you complete this form.

SCHOOL ________________________________________


1. Will your school participate in the Section V

  Tournament if it qualifies?                                                                YES___          NO___


2. Is your day game field available to Section V?                              YES___          NO___


3. Is your lighted field available to Section V?                                  YES___          NO___


4. Designated home field (PreQuarter/Quarterfinals)             _________________

*It is the responsibility of each individual school to receive permission for use prior to naming a designated home field


5. Our field is not available on the following dates:   ______________________


Please list any dates that your team can not play due  to a conflict with another school activity.                              

Requests will not be honored after the seeding meeting.



We are willing to travel to PreQuarter/Quarterfinal rounds regardless of our seed to

play evening games on championship quality lighted fields.            (Please circle reponse)    YES         NO


Field Measurements (Please be sure these are accurate!!)

                        Length ญญญ_____ yds       ***to host minimum width 68 yds, 110yds.  Length!!!

                        Width  _____ yds


List a maximum of 2 officials from your servicing officials board that you do not want assigned to your Sectional Games:

1)      ________________________________

2) _________________________________

You may also list 1 official from each other official board that you do not want:



Signature of Athletic Director _______________________


            Home phone    _____________      School phone      ________________